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I'm Oluwatobi Michael Adeshina
Software Engineer | DevOps Engineer

I build robust, scalable and secure ERP, Gaming, Lottery and Betting solutions, Websites and Mobile Apps.

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Lagos Nigeria
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Next to my open source contributions, I build websites, web apps and mobile apps with React, Vue, Next, Nuxt, Node.js, Express and other technologies. I develop robust, scalable and secure ERP, Gaming, Lotteries, and Betting solutions for sport betting and gaming operators with bespoke functionalities, intelligent reporting and clean administration dashboard.








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Some Interesting Facts
About Me

See below some interestng facts about me. Projects contains private and non-private projects.

Open Source
My Project //

My Project

In my free time, I spend a lot of time teaching myself new technologies and contributing to open source. Some of the Open Source projects I maintain and contribute to are list below.


Open Source

1. -

Secret and Config manangement package

Secreta is a secret and config management module that allows you to smartly manage your app configurations and secrets. It provides a way to secure API keys, External Service Links, Database credentials, app configs and more with Industry-grade encryption denying unauthorized access. It provides a permission level which enables each member of the team to have access to the exact permission and access to secrets they need to do their work. It eliminates the need to worry about secrets being committed to git repos. All secrets are encrypted with an industry-standard encryption algorithm. No one can decrypt without a matching key.

Maintainer: Oluwatobi Adeshina
Contribution: Started and actively mainly the project , built the core encryption, decryption and config loading module

Link to Project


Open Source

2. -

An efficient joi validator middleware.

Express-validata is an efficient Joi validator middleware for sanitizing inputs.

Maintainer: Oluwatobi Adeshina
Contribution: Started and actively maintaining the project, built the core validation logic

Link to Project

Hedge Solution

3. -

The First Intelligent Hedge Solution.

The first-of-its-kind intelligent hedge solution that is helping sport betting platforms efficiently and confidently manage risk

Maintainer: Oluwatobi Adeshina
Contribution: Developed the frontend and backend including the risk management algorigthm

Link to Project

Jozech Law Chambers

4. -

Prestigious of Law Firm.

Jozech Law Chambers is a prestigious Law firm providing full-service legal services including medical negligence, global immigration consultancy, wills and property litigation, dispute resolution and more.

Maintainer: Jozech Law Chambers
Contribution: Developed jozech law chambers website

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My Coding Skills

Over the years, I've worked on various software development projects both freelancing and in corporations with teams enabling me to acquire experience in several technologies. Below are some of the technologies I had fun working it.

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My Services

Backend Development

Building APIs or backends using Node.js, ExpressJS

Frontend Development

Building Websites and Webapps using Nuxt, Next, Vue, React HTML/CSS/Javascript

DevOps Engineering

You can also reach out to me for your gadget purchase and advice

Mobile App Development

Building native Android and iOS apps using Dart & Flutter

Technical Consultation

Do you need the advice of an IT consultant? Feel free to contact me

Hardware Engineering

You can contact me for computer engineering services

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